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Friday, January 9, 2009

WHy.. TV9 channel lose any opportunity to highlight such sensational news of Satyam Issue

The multi-crore Satyam Computers fraud has been the talk of the town on Wednesday. And all television channels highlighted the development in all possible manners, including special chat shows and debates.

But not TV9 channel, which normally does not want to lose any opportunity to highlight such sensational news. Instead, the channel tried to play down the entire development in the morning by stating that it was a mere accounting fraud. It was only after the drama started unfolding by afternoon and the Union government, SEBI and Stock Exchanges started reacting strongly to the fraud, the TV9 channel started airing the news prominently, but cautiously.

The reason was simple: The TV9 promoters were heavily banking on the investments to be brought in through Satyam group for future expansion of the channel. About Rs 1,000 crore was supposed to be invested into the channel. Srini Raju, the promoter of TV9, diverted huge funds from Satyam group into the channel and they had also held huge shares in the group. With the collapse of the Satyam, their plans got crashed. And on Wednesday alone, TV9 had lost more than Rs 100 crore in the stock market, say insiders


Anonymous said...

Reporter said

This is baseless story. The persons who dont know about tv9 give this type of information. Tv9balance the news just because of public pulse. People feel it is accounting fraud because company shows its profits are heavy thatswhy its share raised. Every business organaisation is doing like this. If you crosscheck any nationalaised banks have 10000crores bad debts in their books. All those amount go to influenced persons. But no bank till now doesnt announce their baddebt customers list. Ramalingaraju is a businessmen. He shows only 5000 crores as his company profits. Actuval satyam assets are in hundred crores. But their share value 600rupees. If they start their company shares sale before mytas agreement they wont get any loss. His way of moving with igo create problem at that time. But publiic still beleive ramalingaraju may save satyam. Thatswhy in ntv sms poll 92 persent public dont ask raju to arrest. In this news tv9 strategically play a very good role to save company depended people. Public apresheate the way tv9 presenting. Tv9 have crores of rupees profit to start new channels. They dont beg for investment. Every year tv9 get 50 crores profits. Thatswhy they give highest salaries in media. In this coverage tv5 totally fail to focus the right reasons. They ask some wise people for criticising the situation. They dont accept itas a scam. Ntv people are brainless. But the analyist give good analasyis in that. Media should know the business news angle first. I think ntv tv5 inews hmtv are faied in satyam issue. They dont know what is share, what is profit, what is dividend. But tv9 give very balanced news and etv also do its level better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tlugu media news members.
It is top secret scoop.
B.R.Nayudu TV5 is planned attack TV9 Raviprakash with gang in mafia style.He is ready and put blame on Kareem-TV5 person

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people from real estate and land grabbers get into media business.These crooked fellows bring their bad culture into media too.Let us fight against these elements relentlessly.-Amar

Anonymous said...

This guy is blindly supporting satyam.All national business channels telecasting correct information in the satyam saga.But few telugu channels like NTV,and tv9 are doing gobbles.We all know who is behind this issue.They are misleading the telugu people as ramalinga raju had accepted the fraud before it is been identified.but when he is disclosed???.All his stake is with share brokers and sold when he is disclosed the fact.he knows that if he is not disclosed at that time he is going face severe affiance from sebi and other departments, once the company is taken over by others.Now he is only facing CBI enquiry,which is just to safe RAJU from this miracle.We know politicians fully are involved in fraud.But the real shame is , few people from RAJU caste supporting this fraud and conducting rally's. TV9 is among them.caste feeling ...shame..shame...We all know that good is always good ,bad is always bad though whatever is the caste&religion.But here people are blindly supporting this fraud due to caste feeling and political influence.