BREAKING NEWS...మీడియాలో శృంగార , సరసులు...ప్రేమ కలాపాలు సాగిస్తున్న బ్యూరో చీఫ్ ల వివరాలు ఫోన్ కాల్ డీటైల్స్ ,ఫోటోలతో సహా తోసహా..న్యూస్ చానల్స్ లో పని చేసే రిపోర్టర్ల ప్రేమాయణ గాధలు ,శృంగార విషేషాలు త్వరలో ఫోటోలతో సహా త్వరలో మీముందుకు ... మీడియాలో మీకుతెల్సిన సనాచారాన్ని...మాకు Mail చేయండి..మా Mail ఇడి...:-( )న్యూస్ యాంకర్ న్యూడ్ ష్టోరి వీడియోతో సహా త్వరలో...మనచుట్టూ జరుగుతున్న మన మీడియా విషేషాలు మాతో షేర్ చేసుకోండి BREAKING NEWS...మీడియాలో శృంగార , సరసులు...ప్రేమ కలాపాలు సాగిస్తున్న బ్యూరో చీఫ్ ల వివరాలు ఫోన్ కాల్ డీటైల్స్ ,ఫోటోలతో సహా తోసహా..న్యూస్ చానల్స్ లో పని చేసే రిపోర్టర్ల ప్రేమాయణ గాధలు ,శృంగార విషేషాలు త్వరలో ఫోటోలతో సహా త్వరలో మీముందుకు .... న్యూస్ యాంకర్ న్యూడ్ ష్టోరి వీడియోతో సహా త్వరలో

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Monday, December 1, 2008

HMTV, formerly known as T Channel is all set for December launch

Our firm belief is that if the people of our country are given correct information in right perspective, they are capable of making proper decision which is of utmost importance in a democracy. We have a feeling that the present fare put out by various news channels and newspapers is falling short of universal standards of journalism and democracy. There is also a feeling that the Andhra Pradesh media in general is domonated by persons who do not seem to have commitment to the welfare of the society. Fair play has been lacking. Political agendas are sought to be implemented through tv channels and columns of newspapers. We thought there is a need to show the proper way by building an ideal media house.

Mr. K. Ramachnadra Murthy who has been a journalist for more than thirty five years and a distinguished editor for more than two decades has been exploring the possiblity of founding an organisation which could build such a media house. He was looking for the right persons to associate with. Mr. Mallepalli Laxmaiah and other friends have been with him in this dream. Mr. Murthy, while he was editor of Andhra Jyothi, happened to meet Mr. Vamanrao, chairman of Kapil group of companies, who is interested in funding a responsible news channel. As both Mr. Murthy and Mr. Vamanrao share the same value system and believe in honest means and lofty goals, it did not take much time for them to get together to develop Hyderabad Media House. HMH is about to launch a tv news and current affairs channel in December this year.

A formidable team has been built up over the year with like-minded persons who are known for their integrity and accomplishment in their respective fields. We are rearing to go. We are confident that we would be able to catch the imagination of the viewers with our content and presentation. We want to be different from the rest of the channels by all means.

After Mr. Laxmaiah participated in teleconference on November 12, 2008, we were pleased to note that our friends in the US and other countries are willing to extend their support to the channel. While whole-heartedly welcoming our well wishers into the family of hmtv, we have a request to make through the following points.

1)All the Telugu channels are winding up the show at 11 pm and repeating the day's programmes till 5 am next day. We would like to produce some programmes which would interest NRIs. Our night would be NRI's day when they can watch such programmes. In order to produce original programmes, we need footage from the US and other countries. We need to have a network of reporting. Can our friends organise a network of enthusiastic persons who are prepared to ruch to the news spot, take visuals and send them across to us?

2)Is it possible to also have a marketing network of sorts to help the channel in mobilising some advertisements from the US so that part of the cost of production could be met?

3)We would also like to include news about the parents of NRIs who are living in India. We would use our local network of reporters to get the news. We, would also request our NRI friends to encourage their friends and relatives back home to patronise hmtv.

4)We will be obliged if any of the NRIs could come up with suggestions to improve the content and business of hmtv. We would be happy if they could bring to our notice any problems in distribution of the channel over there.

This is all for now. We can develop more ideas on further interaction.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations HMTV team.

The first step to reach NRIs would be making your broadcast available round the clock over internet through your website or free broadcasters like TVU newtorks.

Make your programs to atract youngsters and middleage NRIs with quality programming and good packaging. All the Best, We look forward to watch your programs.

Anonymous said...

latest ratings on

Anonymous said...

Congratulations HMTV founders. We believe K.Ramachandra Murthy (one of the founders) will definitely maintain universal standards of journalism and will follow democracy. We know that he believes in democracy at any cost. All journalists of HMTV should follow democracy not only in the society but in their organization and in their families as well, then only they'll reach Murthy's or HMTV's targets.

Anonymous said...

Hm tv must set the team of youth if they dont take care it is also stand like andhraprabha in print media.


Anonymous said...

HMTV team pakshapatham vahinchakunda vundali. Ala ani nishpakshapathanganu vundakudadu. Pakshapathamu, Nishpakshapathamu vahinchakunda satyapaksham vahinchali.