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Friday, August 29, 2008

Praja Rajyam Review

First half: Comedy
Second half: Routine
Overall talk: Cinema nilabadadu
Title: Praja Rajyam
Punch Line: Premey Lakshyam....Sevey maargam
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Pawan kalyan, Nagababu, Harirama Jogayya
Story: Dr.Mitra & Allu Aravind
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Editing: Pawan Kalyan & Nagababu
Music and Promos: MAA TV
Audience: Mega Fans
Screenplay & Direction : Allu Aravind
Producer: Chiranjeevi
Banner: Geetha Arts
Release Date: 26th August, 2008.

Chiranjeevi was born in a poor family where his father is the Constable. His Mother got married at the age of 14 and gives birth to him at the age of 15. From then chiranjeevi worked hard and carried the responsibilities of the whole family on his own shoulders. There are many twists in the story and sentimental scenes like the hero wearing Knickers in +2 class when everyone is wearing pants. Working hard in fileds during paddy riping in sewage (As per my knowledge.... land will be dry during paddy riping time but dont know how the hero worked in sewage while riping the paddy...anyway this scene got huge response from the crowds)... from there pace of the story increased as it travels from Ganji to Benz , from Mogaltur to Madras and from aalochana to aacharana....and finally from Mandhu party to Raajakeeya Party.

Punch Lines:
There are some punch lines which erosed laughter for some and tears for some
1. Ammaku "Boy" Naina neney......aadukuney "TOY" nainaa neney.
2. Chinnappudu ekkuva kaalam Amma Vollo perigaanu...(Sabha ku vachina janaalu pakkintalla vollo perigaaraa?)
3. Amma...."Sindhuvu" kooda "Bindhuvu" nundey modhalavuthundhi....(ee rojullo kooda Amma tho evaranna antha naatakeeyam gaa maatlaadathaaraa?)
4."ganji" choosanu ...."Benzi" choosanu.....Mogaltur Pilla Kaalavullo eedhaanu......Los Angels lo Sky diving chesaanu.....

Story, Screenplay and Direction:
Welcome to the Good Old Big Telugu Family cinema. Chiranjeevi plays the title role of "Sevakudu", who of course did "Seva" for the family in the initial days and now he wants to do "Praja Seva" to the prajalu. He sacrifices for the family, does everything to save the name and honor of his family and also to Prajalu by starting the "Blood bank" and "Eye Bank". No one knows he's doing all these good things for the family and people but found out in the Interval bang with lot of suspense and count down when he announced the party name as "Praja Rajyam".

Second half started with chiranjeevi holding paper in his hand and reading it continuosly for 1 hour and refering basic components like "Vidya" , "Vaidyam",'Samajika Nyayam". Here we will get lot of disappointment because of the routine issues talked by many people in the past and chiru doing the same without telling us how he will do them...many people in the theatre starts Yawning here and we can see some people having Good Knap. Direction is Shoddy and pale in the second half as the interest slowly disappeared. Climax is a bit entertaining as it gives a pinch of sentiment dose to the people by hoisting the flag by a physically challenged boy. The most awaited film ended there.

Artist Performances:
Chiranjeevi himself. His Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton like antics entertain and keep everyone alert, and the script and dialogues totally side with him in the pursuit of entertainment. There are some gags too, at the right time and place, carefully merged into the script. How he can do the things he promised is not established properly in the script creating a lot of confusion among people of what his idea to enter into politics. He and his Flag hoisting sentiment by physically challenged boy is Paisa Vasool.

This is a total, typical family entertainer; gags, sentiment and sacrifice. Nothing more or less. There've been several movies like this, and hopefully India will never give up its ‘Family Entertainers'. It's still likely you'll walk out before the climax, because in all respects the movie ends there and drags on.

In the interval bang it was announced that the suspense will be unveiled and Party Name will be announced by 3 Girijanulu.......but dont know why it is not done

Not Chiranjeevi's usual fare, but not really unlike it. With the backdrop of a Poor Guy working hard for his family and Rose from "Ganji To Benz", he still mouths witty filmy lines, pulls faces and shows pathetic expressions in his characteristic style.
Source: Anonymous by our blog reader

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Anonymous said...

sorry mate.. I can't see the point behind your blog.. If you are out there just to derogatorily criticize and if you have always thought that that is what blogs are all about, then you have got it all wrong. I guess in your case you are at ganji stage and will remain so.